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feel need to rant

I don't know if any of you are familiar with Amazon's Mechanical Turk program, but basically you perform "human intelligence tasks", like categorizing search terms and picking images that fulfill a prompt or something like that, for small amounts of money. Your "work" can be accepted or rejected depending on quality (rejections are rare unless you're just randomly clicking.)

Sooo I'm doing one that involves deciding whether a posted recipe is "elegant", "simple", "healthy", or "kid-friendly". Each term has a given set of parameters (ie, "simple" should be less than 9 ingredients and 6 steps), and you just mark yes or no. So I get to a dish that is, essentially, ice cream with espresso on top. I mark "no" for kid-friendly...because who in their right mind gives espresso to children? It gets rejected. (They match multiple user's answers, and majority rules.)

Now, technically, under their parameters, the recipe WAS "kid-friendly" because it had less than 9 ingredients and a fast prep time. However, given that these are supposed to be HUMAN INTELLIGENCE TASKS, I used my power of HUMAN INTELLIGENCE to determine that a recipe that is essentially "sugar topped with caffeine" is not kid-friendly. I mean...if all they needed to determine kid-friendliness was brevity, why couldn't they just write a script to judge that?


quick update

Holy shit, livejournal has a lot of ads now. -_- Where's mah adblocker!

Things are generally well with me (ignoring the horrible dinosaur cramps that had me waking up screaming all night.) Work is fun, my apartment is great. I quit school (big surprise), which is awesome except that now I have to pay back my 100k+ in loans. :D

Soo, of course I'm selling stuff on eBay again! cuteordeath @ eBay

Any sharing of that link on twitter, facebook, etc you can do is MUCH appreciated!! Things haven't been selling very well lately. :(


Happy Sunday!

I come bearing gifts and recommendations. :D First up, I'm having a contest in my Pokémon blog! All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter and you can win a package of Pokémon ochazuke! Don't know what that is? Just read the entry. :) Do You Ochazuke?

Most of you know I've been pretty broke the last year or so. That's changing now that I'm working full time at a better job (with a cheaper commute), but things are still pretty tight. A few of the things that are helping me get by are signing up for free samples (I've got a whole bag full of free shampoo, lotion, soap, deodorant, food, etc!), and using a few "rewards sites" - the two I can most recommend are Swagbucks and Instant Cash Sweepstakes (the name is terrible, but it's actually an awesome site.) I've gotten $25 in amazon.com gift cards from Swagbucks in just a few months (all you have to do is use their search engine) and a few dollars so far from ICS (you just fill out 3-question surveys and slowly rack up money, and they have a $50 drawing every day), but I've only been using it for a couple weeks - the longer you use it, the more you can earn, so I'm looking forward to hopefully bringing in a bit more in the future. You can even write surveys on it too, which is fun (mine are always awesome.)

For the girls (which I think most of you are) I cannot recommend the Diva Cup enough! (And it is currently only $25 (with free shipping) at amazon.com!) Without going into too much detail, it is fantastic. Clean, convenient, and makes me actually feel "normal" when I'm on my period. There are other menstrual cups on the market, that's just the one I happened to pick, but I am so, so happy with it!

I also started taking probiotics recently to see if they would help my skin. Well, it's only been a few weeks and while yes, they have helped my skin, I just feel good all around! I never have stomachaches anymore (even when I overeat :p) and I feel less stressed, too (although that might be a combination of a lot of things, good new job, etc.) The brand I am using is called Culturelle (picked them because they are inexpensive and have a dairy/gluten-free version), which is still on discount on drugstore.com.

You can read more about my efforts to live on a tight budget at my blog, broke sandwich!


I hope you guys will check out the new blogs I'm writing!

Lavender Town PokéCenter
A tongue-in-cheek look at one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. Mostly articles, but also art, comics, and maybe some video, too.

two slices of bread and a dream
My personal tips and tricks for living on almost no money. Getting random free stuff, pulling in extra cash, and even a little tough love-style self-deprivation (more fun than it sounds.) I also plan to do some contests and giveaways, so don't miss it!

Cute or Death
The main portal for all my stuff. Haven't actually decided what to put here yet...probably all personal work like art and writing. Maybe fashion. :D


Differences in opinion

me: I am cold. I will put socks on and make a nice cup of tea.

housemate: I am cold. I will turn the heater up to 80 degrees.

I had to go home sick from work today, after only 2 hours there. I got sudden low blood sugar and felt like I was going to pass out/throw up. :( The commute home was rough, but I finally started feeling better once I got in. Gotta make sure I finish my homework tonight.

I'm on the lookout for a pair of steel-toed boots. It's kind of hard to find them in my size (women's 7/men's 5). :/ I'm looking at the "steel 20-eyelet black" ones here. but I've never even seen that brand in person, so I'm not sure what kind of quality they are. The price seems pretty good, though. Maybe I should just wait until I can hit up a boot store in person.

Christmas gifts :D

I didn't ask for anything, but my family still got me a lot of awesome stuff, including...

  • Professor Layton and the Curious Village for DS
  • Gardening Mama for DS
  • Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere DVD
  • really, really, really cute vintage apron
  • two vegan dessert cookbooks
  • $75 Trader Joe's giftcard (now that will come in handy!)
  • some other misc goodies including soap, candy, and an Ingenuitea teapot (I already have one, so I'll keep one at work ^^)

I had an amazing New Year's. I went to a party in Oakland with Rain, Kim, Lupe, and Kim's beau Adam. It was such a great party, saw and met a lot of cool people, and had an all-around fantastic time. Since then, I've just been selling stuff on eBay (I did pretty well this past week!) and trying to relax - playing my DS, Scrabble and cribbage with Rain, and watching How I Met Your Mother and Doctor Who. :)


Diamond Dogs

I didn't do much for Christmas, just hung out at home and then went to the local dive bar. They had cake. Also I lobbed off part of my middle finger cutting up sausage.

Don't forget to check out my eBay auctions (lots of cute Japanese stuff, Sanrio, anime, etc, all starting at 99 cents) and Etsy store!

Twilight of the Gods

Posted a lot of lolita clothing/accessories, and Gothic & Lolita Bibles in the egl sales comm! Check it out!

Yes, it's the end of the month again when Ariel realizes she's $100 short of rent. :p


The story ain't over

Virginia, the woman who assaulted me on Saturday, has since sent me 3 emails full of accusations, threats, and childish name-calling. Yesterday, while I was at work and Rain was at my apartment, she texted him and told him she was coming over (to MY house - Rain doesn't actually live there.) He told her not to repeatedly. She came over anyway and kept ringing the doorbell until he finally came downstairs.

From what I could gather, the following things occurred: Virginia demanded that Rain let her upstairs and have sex with her in my bed, demanded to know how many times he has had sex with me in the past month, threatened to tear the clothing off his body, and eventually, forced her way into my building's entryway, and refused to leave for over an hour.

I am honest-to-god terrified; this woman knows my email, phone number, home address and work address. If anyone has advice on filing restraining orders and things of that nature, now is the time to speak up. :p